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A Little Bit About Us:

      Dr. Jay Ellie and Dr. Frank Edwards, both Emergency Room Physicians, set out to create an Emergency Room Staffing group focused on the needs of small community hospitals in Western New York. Dr. Ellie and Dr. Edwards both recognized the growing gap between the services of large staffing vendors and smaller community hospitals. Since the beginning, Delphi has carefully worked to create cost effective staffing solutions for a number of hospitals throughout Western New York. Hospital administrators were quick to realize the advantages of working with Delphi Healthcare because of their emphasis on creating programs that fit the unique needs of the hospital. The leadership of Delphi has limited its growth to maintain a strict adherence to quality. As a result of that discipline, Delphi has steadily grown over the past decade and continues to grow at a steady and manageable pace without losing contracts along the way.

      As the Emergency Room programs grew, the leadership at Delphi recognized the value in adding a hospitalist group. Delphi Healthcare created Delphi Hospitalist Services, LLC and began providing both Emergency Department and Hospitalist Services to many of the hospitals it served. The integration of the two services under one vendor quickly yielded results as the two groups worked seamlessly with one another to provide quality patient care.

      In November 2009, Delphi Healthcare began billing and coding for its professional services. This move, in response to the growth of the company, helped Delphi build even stronger partnerships with the hospitals they served. As a result, Delphi saw a tremendous decrease in the number of patient complaints related to billing and collections on behalf of its hospital programs. 

C. Jay Ellie, Jr. MD


Brian Banas

Chief Operating Officer

Tammy Ellie, RN

Physician Relations/ Scheduling Coordinator

Paul Yuhas

Director of Provider Recruitment